Overview Of Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is the process of using search engine advertising to generate more clicks to your website. It is an alternative and highly effective tool than getting the clicks organically. Whenever a person clicks on your ad, you pay a small fee to the search engine. So, the process is called ‘pay per click.’ The fee will be trivial if you can design your PPC campaign properly and if it runs smoothly. For example, this is worthy if you pay $5 or $10 for click and the click results $300 sale. In a nutshell, PPC marketing is profitable for everyone.

Various researches indicate that people click on paid search ads more frequently than any other form of digital advertising. The searchers are not concerned about the advertisement. If the advertised products and services fit their needs, they will definitely click on it. Generally, people use search engines to search for products and services. So, the ads are highly relevant for the searchers. In order to meet the needs of users, Google has developed an excellent formula as well.

When you select PPC marketing, you will get an opportunity to put your message before the audience. The searchers reveal their goal through their search query. So, advertisers can able to measure the quality of traffic, which helps to generate search engine clicks.

PPC is helpful for search engines to cater to advertisers and searchers simultaneously. Providing relevant result is the most important objective of search engines. Besides, they also offer a highly targeted advertising channel, which is capable to generate revenue.

Google provides the highest quality ads and rewards to the highest bidders. It means, they offer the ads that are most popular for the users. If your ad is better, the rates of click will be very high. In such a way, you can reduce your cost.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads allow you to increase your sales and brand awareness through different platforms, enhance targeting etc. Today, it is one of the top social media platforms and numerous advantages are associated with it. Facebook can be used personally for connecting with friends and family. At the same time, it is an effective tool for advertising and promoting a business. Marketing strategies of a business have greater impact on its growth and success. Therefore, if you really want to grow your business, you need to promote your product or service. Facebook is extremely useful for getting more and more customers. Just like owning a website, you can earn some significant benefits if you engage actively on Facebook.

Facebook allows you to access millions of target audience and you can convert them into potential customers. If you promote your product and service at the right avenue, you can increase your revenue. You can also use this platform to share information regarding your business. You can create a business page very easily and enter some valuable information regarding your business. You can also provide business purpose, product details, history, etc on your page. Facebook ad is a great display platform for digital advertisers because it allows you to avoid ad fatigue. You can try new creative every week, which helps you to go to the market with new images quickly. You can use CRM data to create look like audience. So, you can reach new people who are similar to your customer base.

Facebook ads also provide you A/B testing capabilities, so you can make changes to improve your creative. This is helpful for getting the best audience. It also allows advertisers to improve their video reach and views. According to the estimates of December 2014, Facebook has more than 890 million active video users. You can improve your ads as per the increase of user base.

Google Ads

Google ads is one of the most popular advertising platforms and it operates on PPC model. In this platform, you can bid on keywords and pay for each click. Google is the largest search engine in the world and it provides myriad advertising opportunities. The scope of Google’s potential customers is also enormous. Google ad is not restricted to MNCs and big conglomerates. Even the small business organizations such as consultants, authors, home businesses, local retailers, niche marketers, etc can also adopt this platform to generate profit. However, the right Google ad campaign is essential to achieve success.

Google allows you to target anyone in this world. When you tweak your ad campaign, your ad will be visible to a whole continent. According to the latest estimate, Google handles 3,000 searches in a second, which means more than 250 million per day. So, business owners can make money even when they are sleeping. Google AdWord is considered as the top digital advertising tool. It allows people to target people who are searching for their products or service.

Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

Which is the best ad platform for your business? You may need to implement both Facebook and Google advertisement campaigns. You can see lots of similarities and differences in both these platforms. The potential audience is very huge for both Facebook and Google. Both these platforms are primarily PPC ad channels and they can offer you paid advertising models. Besides, both platforms offer you free online marketing tools like G+ business pages and Facebook fan pages. These services are completely free.

However, if you can differential the purpose of your advertisement, you can select a medium that suits your needs. First of all, you must decide whether you want to promote the information and knowledge of your brand or like to sell a specific product. Facebook sessions are longer than Google search sessions. So, Facebook is helpful for building brand awareness and sending some specific messages. Facebook allows you to create some unique targeting options. But, if you want to display your advertisement, Google is the better choice because of improved ad targeting options, superior CPC performance and enormous ad formats. However, you can try both and find which is suitable for you most.

Compared to Google+, you will get more traffic from Facebook. So, if you want to drive traffic to your website, Facebook is the best option. Google plus is launched recently, but it defeated LinkedIn, which means it is an important social media network. So, you can focus on it to grow your business.

Pay per click marketing offers unique opportunities to generate leads at low cost and grow your customer base. It works for almost all kinds of business irrespective of selling products, building brand awareness, generating leads for service, or even driving phone calls and foot traffic to your local store. But you need to follow some best practices to get most from your pay per click marketing campaign.